Sunday, March 31, 2013

The book, it's coming along...

Just thought I'd put out another post about the status of my book.  
This is snippet is from the title page and I now have my own statement on the book written as well.   
 I am still on track for it to be published in June,  and I am looking forward to it be finished.  I have put a lot of work into this, and am optimistic about its success.
Hopefully before the book is completed and I officially announce it, I will post some new photographs, I have two rolls of film that are just about finished the next time I get out to the river.
This will probably be the last post about the book until I announce it and the giveaway for a copy in June.
Thanks for reading.


aileen said...

Looking forward to it!

Brian Schiele said...

Thanks for saying that Aileen!

Howard said...

If you would have asked, I would have happily turned off my warped sense of humor, put pen to paper and written something wonderful for the book. But, instead I'll just say that I know it will be a hit and will showcase your wonderful talent. Can I have a shot at the next book?

Brian Schiele said...

It wouldn't be the same if you turned off your warped sense of humor Howard!
Thanks for your support on this.
One book at a time..