Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Somewhere on a desert highway...

Somewhere on  a desert highway, she rides a motorcycle...
I know that Neil's lyrics mention Harley-Davidson, but motorcycle at least fits the meter!

From a recent moto road trip that my wife and I took where we rode about 1200 miles in the Southern Utah area.   This particular photograph was on the La Sal Mountain Road, a little side trip we took that day.  The further along we got, the more technical it got, especially for a couple of cruisers, I am sure the couple of adventure bikers we saw that day were wondering what we were doing there.  Ththe road was paved and in good shape the entire way, although there were several cut offs that diverted off into the Moab desert. The road peaks at a summit that is somewhere around 8000', if you follow me on Instagram @ harleys_and_holgas_forever,  you can see a picture I posted of my  Harley in the view area parking lot with the Castle Valley in the background.  

Summer is basically here, which means that I will be riding more, so watch for more moto photos!

Ride safe!


Monday, November 12, 2018

Fly FIshing, The Wind River Range

Every now and again, I am randomly contacted or by someone I know to either publish a photograph or two or to work on a project together, which is what happened a few years ago from my friend Chadd Vanzanten. Like  most of the projects I am contacted about, Chadd and I began talking about this long before bags (or shall I say backpacks) were packed, plans made, film was purchased, etc for a backpack trip that occurred in July of 2016.

But now, I am happy to announce that the book, On Fly Fishing, The Wind River Range, Essays and What not to Bring, is now available! 

I have seven photographs in the  book that accompany a couple of the essays that Chadd wrote that came from our backpacking and fishing trip that we made in July 2016.  

For your viewing pleasure I am posting two photographs from that trip, one that will be in the book and one that won't be.  

This was on the hike out to our base camp and was at a point that was around 10,800'.

The view at our base camp.

To see more and to find out which of these two photographs were in the book go and buy it.  Chadd's essays are great to read and there are several other photographs that his son did too.


Sunday, September 30, 2018


It's been a while since I put anything out there, so I thought I'd post this photograph, a detail shot of tricked out Road King.

I remember seeing this bike in May I believe, at a local biker bar and it immediately caught my eye.  I was able to talk to its owner and took a few photographs of it, but this is  my favorite.
Turns out the owner, goes by "Sarge" is an Army Veteran and we even worked in the same MOS during our respective time in the Army.
You can see the other photograph I took of this gorgeous Road King and more on my Flickr stream, .
If you are on Flickr, look me up, I go by Red Holga Man 

Ride Safe!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

People I ride with - PGR edition

When I was first started riding motorcycles, I remember meeting and talking to a woman at the local Harley dealer who told about her motorcycle experience and how she meet a lot of great people, had been to and seen new places, and other things all because she rode a motorcycle; looking back on that conversation, I can honestly say I have done that and more.

One of the things I have done, that has introduced me to many new people and has provided an opportunity to continue serving my fellow Veterans and their families was join an organization called Patriot Guard Riders or the PGR as we call it.   What is the PGR you ask?

The Patriot Guard Riders is a 100% Volunteer, Federally registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization which ensures dignity and respect at memorial services honoring Fallen Military Heroes, First Responders and honorably discharged Veterans.”

I ride with the Utah Patriot Guard Riders and through it I have met a lot of great people like my brother Mike here.

 To everyone in the PGR, especially those here in Utah, I salute you.

Let's Ride!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Birthday Project - Final

For those of you have followed my photography since 2003, when I first created a website, you may remember a particular section I would add to once a year called "The Birthday Project".

Every year around this time, I would make a portrait or even just a snapshot of Mirinda. It's been six years since I last made any of photograph of her, which you can see in the aptly named label.

Some life changing events have happened since the last time I posted a picture of her, we became foster parents, adopted, divorced and she was diagnosed with cancer  a little more than a year ago; the biggest change was her untimely death earlier this year as a result of her cancer.

We didn't talk a lot  about the what ifs and what not, but on one such occasion we both thought about me taking a portrait of her post chemo, when she was at her most hairless state. So one day last August, just after her doctors had declared her cancer in remission, I got the opportunity to sit with her to make that portrait of her.  I won't go into the particulars of what happened in the months after I made this portrait, but needless to say, the cancer came back.

I have made a lot of portraits in my time, but none have ever been so raw or so intimate.   Looking back on the time since I made this portrait of her and what I have learned since,  I think that in this moment,  she may have been looking forward with hope, but deep down I think she knew what was forthcoming.  

Since her death, I was contacted by a woman who has survived breast cancer and is doing a documentary about breast cancer about  having this portrait be a part of the film.  Mirinda didn't have breast cancer, but the portrait will be part of a section of the film about hair loss.  

I don't know much more about the film, but it is called Life Interrupted: Telling Breast Cancer Stories.  

I am very honored to have this portrait be a part of this film, because it is a way for Mirinda to live on.  

Happy birthday Mirinda, I and the rest of the village,  that we jointly and individually have put together, got this and we will make sure that our daughter grows up knowing you and will grow up to be the best woman she can be.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

People I ride with - Beard edition

I figured it's been way too long since I posted anything new here and it's already February, so I thought I'd post a couple of new photographs.  My photography tends to be personal and most of the people I photograph are people that I know and ride with in this case.

I thought I'd make these "People I ride with" posts and photographs thematic too.

So today's theme is "Beards".  I have met a lot of bikers that have them and they all rock the beard.

Alan, his beard, his Road King in front of "The King of the Sea" Poseidon, a detail of  large mural in South Salt Lake, Utah.  I have known Alan for many years and have gotten to know him better because of motorcycles.

This is Chris and his beard at a Veterans Day ride.

Stayed turned for more moto photos!


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bike Night

As I get more into motorcycle culture, I am learning a lot, meeting a lot people and riding to places in Utah (so far anyway), that I have never been to before. 
Recently, I went to a "Bike Night" event that took place in the Salt Lake City area at an "In N Out Burger" late in the evening, just to check it out mostly, but of course I took a camera a long, three actually.
It was great watching all of the various bikes, people and groups coming and going. I talked to a lot of people that night and before I took off with a like minded group riding cruisers I took a few photographs.

It was fun and I think I will go back, especially if I can find a few others to go with...

Ride On!