Thursday, August 7, 2014

A little tenkara fishing...

It's been a while, I know.  It's not that I haven't been out fishing, it's just that I haven't had a lot of opportunities for photographs, not only that, when I have been out, the fishing has been pretty good, damn good for me actually.
My last outing was awesome, I caught about eight trout, most of which were browns, but I also caught a nice cutthroat too.
We were tenkara fishing, but in the not so "traditional" sense of the word, we were doing it the outlaw way, we were "Tenkara Outlaws"....

What's a "Tenkara Outlaw" you ask?
Some will also call this style of fly fishing, American tenkara fishing and I have even heard it called "Punk Rock" tenkara fishing too.
In it's simplest terms it's a blending of western style fly fishing and tenkara fly fishing where you make it your own, whatever that means. 
In "outlaw tenkara" fishing, you use the same long reel-less tenkara fly rod and a fixed amount of line, but after that things differ in many ways.
As was the case in this particular outing we were using a fixed length of line, a level line,  western style flies, two actually and a strike indicator.
I have even heard of others using western style weight forward floating lines and even sinking lines on their tenkara rods.

So if you think that you have to be a traditionalist when it comes to tenkara fishing, I urge you to think outside of the traditional box and be a tenkara outlaw.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Flickr Stream

Unless you follow me on Flickr, you probably aren't seeing everything I put up online.  Even though I use a Holga, use primarily black and white film and shoot mostly fly fishing subjects, I do occasionally use color film and shoot something other than fly fishing.
So with that, I thought I'd put up some of my favorite color photographs that I have done fairly recently.
This first one, goes back to July.  Back in 2006 or so I started photographing those "inflatable characters" that  you typically see at used car lots and what not, it was a short lived project, that stopped mostly I stopped seeing them in my area. But on such occasions as the Fourth of July for instance you will see them at firework stands.  I'd really like to shoot more of these, but I just don't see them around like I used to anymore. I think they are hilarious, and I think photographing them with a toy camera add to that hilarity.  Don't you?  To see more of these photographs, check out the "Inflatable Characters" set on Flickr.

Another theme of sorts that you will see in my Flickr stream and may have seen a little through here revolves around, Veterans, military and patriotism, which I come by naturally being a Veteran.
These two photographs come from a local Veterans Day parade from this past Veterans Day.

I know the United States and all that it does and what not, isn't the perfect country, but it is where I live, so I will always stand beside her, so you will see The Flag in a lot of photographs on Flickr too. 

If you like what you see here, fishing or not, take a look at the rest of my Flickr stream and look me up, I go by Red Holga Man..



Saturday, March 29, 2014

Old Photographs Revisted

I have been reading Jason Landry's book, Instant Connections  lately and it caused me to revisit a particular group of images I took back in October of 2009.  It is often said that you as the photographer are your own worst editor, to which I am guilty of, mostly because my circle of friends is rather limited.
When I first got the roll of film back I did what I do every time I get a roll of film back, I gave it a quick once over while slide each strip into its respective slot on the file page, then I wait for a short bit and then I give them a good look at. I usually select the negative or negatives to print based on that initial gut feeling, which was the case in this first photograph.
This particular photograph and moment was the one the editors chose to accompany the write up about me that appeared in Fly Rod & Reel magazine after all, so it must be the better moment. Right?

I generally go back over my negatives,months and sometimes years later,  just to see if one that I didn't print was better then the one I did, and reading Instant Connections has caused me to look at the other three moments I took that fall day in 2009.

Looking at the 12 frame roll of film, the following photograph was the first one I made of this angler and scene.

Looking at it now as I did then, I think passing over it was the right choice.  I don't think this photograph  was the right one, the composition and framing just don't work.
 Moving on to the next frame on the roll, is the one, I initially selected,  but when I look at the next frame after that, I begin to wonder, was it really the better photograph.  The differences are subtle between the two photographs, but there are a few, that cause me to wonder.

Can you see the differences?  I don't know how many seconds or so the two are part, but I am sure there are several considering the slowness involved in advancing the film on a Holga.

But then, there is this photograph the fourth and last photograph of this angler and scene.
While this is a completely different moment than the other photographs, I am not sure why I am now just putting it out there for the first time..

I guess it proves that sometimes you have to live with the photographs you take and go back to them every once in a while...
So you tell me, is the first photograph I choose, the better one or are any of the other three better? 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Holga Macro

It's hard to believe that it is already March and I am just now making my first post of 2014, hopefully the Troutrageous one, or anyone else for that won't quarantine me for lack of activity..
I haven't been out fishing too much so far this year, but I can say that if the fishing I have I done so far, is any indication of what the rest of 2014 will be like, then 2014 will be my best year ever...
That being said, I have done some photography too, mostly some macro stuff of the flies I have been tieing, which I have done a lot of. 
Of all of the things I have done with my Holga, the one thing I have struggled to master is doing "macro" photographs with it.  While I have had success using this technique, I am still working on getting more successful photographs, meaning, photographs that are in focus, and where the object or objects I am photographing are composed well within the frame. 
With that, I leave you with the best of the few "macro" photographs I have made recently; it's of some kebari flies I tied..

Thanks for checking this post out..

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Trees - Or I processed it myself

Friday, December 13, 2013

Published again

Back in August I was asked to do some photography for a local tenkara fly fishing guide company, Tenkara Guides LLC, for a story about them that would eventually be published in  a magazine that is being billed as, "the first print publication dedicated to tenkara in the world". I am pleased, honored and delighted to say that the magazine is finally published and I have four photographs that accompany the article written by John one of their guides and partners.
The magazine is published by Tenkara USA, and can be purchased HERE.
It's 112 pages and has articles, essays and interviews written by tenkara enthusiasts from around the world, many of which  I know personally or through Facebook and other websites.
I thought I'd post one of the four photographs from the article, as sort of a teaser, to see the others you'll have to buy the magazine...

This and  two of the other photographs in the article were shot using my 6x12 Holga Pan.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Portraits - Holga Style

Webster's defines "portrait" as a painting, drawing, or photograph of a person that usually only includes the person's head and shoulders.
I like to make portraits of people, people that I know or strangers that I find interesting; and while my portraits aren't the most formal I think they capture my subject in a very unique way.
For example, at a Veterans Day parade last month I happened upon a fellow Veteran who was playing the bagpipes.  I talked to him for a few moments and asked him if I could make a portrait of him.

Most of my portraits are of people that I know and have known for quite some time before I photograph them, which be usually make it pretty easy to make a good portrait of them. As in the case of my friend Jim, who I had worked closely with for nearly four years before I made this portrait of him.

Although it has been a few years since I made this portrait of my friend John, during a trip to Maine, I think this one is the funnest portrait I have eve made, I think it captures his slightly mischievous and playful nature. At the time I made this portrait of John, I had only known him a few days, but it was a very intense few days at a photography workshop where he was the instructor. 

 Then there are the people that I know very well, and who know me equally as well if not better, as in the case of my wife.  This is a portrait, that I think is probably the sexiest photograph I have made of her. I love the quality of light on this one as well as my subject.

You can check out more of my portraits in my aptly titled Flickr set, "Portraits" some of which were a part of an exhibit I was a part of back in 2007.