Monday, May 20, 2013

New camera Holga 6x12 Pan, New Photographs

I got a new camera recently, a Holga 6x12 Panoramic Camera, as with all of my Holgas I had it modified by my friend Randy "The Holga Mods Guy". Make sure and check out his 6x12 page to see what my camera looks like,the "Holga Lens" one as he calls it, mine is pretty much like the red one pictured.
So naturally I had to go fishing to try it out..
I was fortunate to have some time away from work recently that allowed me to go fishing twice in one week, and far as fishing goes I was equally as fortunate to be able to go with two very different, two very experienced tenkara anglers, that I have befriended over the past couple of years.
My new camera's maiden voyage was on a small stream with my friend "Tenkara Elevated".

I had a couple of other photographs of him, but this one really captures the peacefulness of the urban spot we were fishing; and while I didn't catch any fish at this spot, I am happy to report that later in the day at another spot I did.  I am grateful that I was able to fish him, because I certainly learned a few things fishing him that day. 
Later in the week I took my new Holga 6x12 with another friend, ERiK, from Tenkara Guides LLC. a local guide service which was  one of  the first Tenkara USA Certified guide services.  They boys at Tenkara Guides are a great group, who are very community oriented  too, so check them out.
We went to a place I have driven by or ridden by on my mountain bike many times in my life, and I never thought I'd fish there, but was it a great place to fish, it was certainly the most technical place I have ever fished considering how small the stream was and how fast the water was moving down the narrow granite canyon. It was great fishing with ERiK, because I sure learned a lot from him too, I don't think I would have caught a trout had I not been with him.
The first place we stopped had some graffiti, on the remnants of what I'd call a man made ditch made of concrete and steel.  It was a cool place to fish for sure which made fora really cool photograph as well.

We continued to fish up the narrow canyon, and I eventually caught a fish and we later came upon this scene.

You can see the other photographs I made with my Holga 6x12 Pano, on my Flickr stream if you like, and if you like them leave a comment here and let me know.
All  in all I'd say that my first two outings with my new camera were pretty successful which has got me thinking  about ideas for my next book...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Trout Dreams, Take A Look..

I am pleased and delighted to announce that  my book, "Trout Dreams" is now available for purchase.
It is available in two sizes a Large Format  Landscape that measures 13"x11"and a smaller Standard Landscape which measures 10"x8". 

Before I continue, I want tell you about a few things about the book.  It's 40 pages and contains 30 photographs, and I am grateful that I was able to call upon Bob White, to write the introduction for me.  For those of who don't know Bob, he is a painter, angler, guide and writer, whose paintings grace the walls of many private and corporate collections worldwide.  He writes a regular column for Fly Rod & Reel Magazine called "An Angle on Art", he even wrote about me in the Winter 2011 column.  Make sure and check out his site, "The Classic Sporting Art of Bob White".

Pricing varies depending on a few things, but the two main things are format and paper. I just received my own copy of the book and I ordered it with the "Premium Lustre" paper which adds less than $10 to the overall price, I think it is the best option for the money.  You can bring the price of the book down by using any of the various "promo codes" buy doing a search for "Blurb Promo Codes".  I have found "Retail Me Not" to be a useful site, you'll find many codes for such offers as free shipping and various percentages off the final price.

I'd also like to thank my wife and daughter for their support of my photography and this book, Cameron Mortenson and his fishing blog, The Fiberglass Manifesto who first wrote about my photography, and Aaron Otto for following suite. My friend Lee Kelley for his mad editing skills, and of course everyone I have ever fished with whether they are in the book or not.

You can get to my main bookstore page to see both formats here if you like too: Brian L. Schiele's Bookstore

Make sure and check back on June First for a chance to win a signed copy of the standard landscape version to commemorate 10 years of
Thanks for reading and your support!