Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Film v Digital

If you have followed my photography for a long time, you may remember several years ago, I started photographing these "inflatable characters", that you mostly see at used car dealership, then all of the sudden, I stopped seeing them.   Recently though, through a post that a friend made on Facebook of a picture of an inflatable duck that was at a car wash, I was fortunate enough find it there and went to photograph it.

I am not exactly trying to compare film and digital, because at this point, having the need to scan the film for this photograph, it's all digital anyway, but since I was able to make a photograph of the scene with both my Holga camera, using Fujichrome Provia 400 and the camera on my phone, using Pixlr to process the file, I thought I'd put them here together.

The first photograph is the one I made with my Holga:

If you have been following my photography, you'll know that I prefer to have a boarder of some kind  and in the case of my Holga photographs, the boarder looks something like this.

The camera phone image on the other hand, looks like this:

As I mentioned above, I use the Pixlr app, for my post processing and the camera on my phone shoots the RAW format, which is what I use for my more creative photographs.  My process is quick and easy, I crop the file to square, select the "sloppy" boarder, and use the app's "Sophia" effect, that's all. 

You can see my Holga photographs and other film based photographs on my Flickr stream, where I go by "Red Holga Man" or if you'd rather, you can check out my Instagram page, where I have my motorcycle photographs, which is a mix of digital and film photographs @harleys_and_holgas_forever

I like both methods, but ultimately my heart belongs to film.