Blogs and Links

Blogs I Like:
The Fiberglass Manifesto
The River Damsel
Windknots & Tangled Lines
Jazz AND Fly Fishing
Pile Cast Dot Net
The Unaccomplished Angler
Reel Grease - Fly Fishing and Music
The Haddis Catch
The Rough Fisher
Utah Bigfoot
CP's Fly fishing and Fly tying
Dispatches from The Potomac
The Hopper Juan
Proven Patterns
Small Fly Funk
The Sowbug  
True Grit Gallery - Peter Damon
Brook Stream Studios 
Mind of a Raven
Moldy Chum
My Leaky Waders 
The SoCal Fly Fisher 
The Uncommon Angler; By Austin Green and W.R. Lepczyk 
Critical Angling  
Tenkara Elevated
Tenkara Tracks
Tenkara on the Fly dot Net 
Tenkara Talk 
Casting Around  
Teton Tenkara 
Utah Beer Blog 
Crafty Beer Girls

Links to friends and sites I like:
Dung In My Foxhole - Wounded Veteran, Author and Friend - Gordy Ewell
Colby Buzzell
The Photography of Carl Oeleich
Fall River Fly Rods
Fishing Porn dot com
Darkroom Portraits - Will Harris 
Gary Heller Photography
Gwynne Johnson - Chicago based fine art photographer
Matt Guymon - Freestone River Photography
Nine Dollar Holga
Megan Green - Photographer
The Flyfish Journal
Claire Gilliam -White Space Imaginings 
Illcentrifugal - The Photography of Copi Votja
Holga Mods dot com - Where I buy all of my Holgas...
MENTORING - Tracy Barbour
Soul River - Runs Deep
J Wood Fly Fishing - Handcrafted Angling Accessories 
Fisheads Flies N Lore
Tenkara USA
The Classic Sporting Art of Bob White
The Fine Art of Michael Savlen
Goat Head Sole Spikes
This is Fly
Welcome to The Photo Asylum - Photography by Steven Paul Hlavac
Old Moe Guide Service
Western Rivers Flyfisher
Tenkara Guides LLC
Team Oni USA
Moonlit Fly Fishing 
Badger Tenkara 
Fresh Catch Gyotaku - The Fresh Fish Art of  Kirby Wilson
Three Rivers Tenkara 
Riverworks Company USA 

Veteran and PTSD Related Resources: 

Veteran's Transition Headquarters 
Purple Star Veterans and Families 
Stop Soldier Suicide
A Veteran's Hope
Standing Quietly 

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