Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Somewhere on a desert highway...

Somewhere on  a desert highway, she rides a motorcycle...
I know that Neil's lyrics mention Harley-Davidson, but motorcycle at least fits the meter!

From a recent moto road trip that my wife and I took where we rode about 1200 miles in the Southern Utah area.   This particular photograph was on the La Sal Mountain Road, a little side trip we took that day.  The further along we got, the more technical it got, especially for a couple of cruisers, I am sure the couple of adventure bikers we saw that day were wondering what we were doing there.  Ththe road was paved and in good shape the entire way, although there were several cut offs that diverted off into the Moab desert. The road peaks at a summit that is somewhere around 8000', if you follow me on Instagram @ harleys_and_holgas_forever,  you can see a picture I posted of my  Harley in the view area parking lot with the Castle Valley in the background.  

Summer is basically here, which means that I will be riding more, so watch for more moto photos!

Ride safe!