Friday, April 30, 2010

Vote for me!

A few years ago I entered an online photography competition, that was really more like two two competitions in one, there was of course the typical juried part then there was the other part where people could vote for your portfolio in the "people's choice" voting.
While I wasn't selected by the jury that year, I garnered enough votes in the
"people's choice" part to be exhibited.
Well I entered it again this year (See HERE) and am hoping to do better.
While I would love to win the grand prize in the juried competition, there is not a lot I can do about that, but in the "people's choice" voting, I can do all I can to get as many people I know or view my blogsite to vote for me.
So if are reading this, please vote for my portfolio, the voting runs through the month of May. You can vote once every 24 hours, on all of the different means you log onto the internet, at home, school, work, your phone, etc..
Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the stars, the fifth one preferably please..
So PLEASE vote often.
View my portfolio HERE!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Format...

Welcome to the new!
I have had to make some tough decisions about keeping a website lately, something I have had now for more than seven years. I nearly let the whole thing go, because I am unable to afford the hosting, but I decided that I need to continue having a web presence.
My plan for my "blogsite", is to continue to post new photographs and other things related to my photography. I'll also be putting up a few things from my old site, like the 'paint your holga" article, I wrote for Light Leaks Magazine a few years back.
I am excited for the change, I think it will be a good change too.
As I post new photographs, I'd like people to comment constructively on them; I have always felt that constructive comments are beneficial for both the photographer and the commentator, particularity if the comment maker also does photography.
That's all for now I suppose, thanks for viewing and I hope you comeback to my "blogsite".
For now I will leave you with one of my first fly fishing photographs, one that I did nearly two years ago now, and has really the main thing I have been photographing since too.
For now you can see my photographs on Flickr