Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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Some years ago, I would occasionally eat at this Chinese restaurant near where I worked at the time, and is generally the custom at Chinese restaurants, there was a fortune cookie included with it. 
The fortune cookie I got from that meal, said, "Talents that are not shared, are not talents."

I know that's nothing too unusual, but the next time I ate there, a few weeks or so later,  I got the same fortune, so that mantra has kind of stuck with me ever since.

With that, I thought I share two recent places that have spotlighted my photography.

The first one, is an online fly fishing magazine called Kype Magazine, while the magazine has been around for a while, this is the first issue created by its new owner and publisher Aileen Lane.  Aileen, also is the fly tier extraordinaire behind MKFlies and she is also one third of the trifecta of Fly Fishing Ventures and many other things.

Check out issue 5.2 here:

The second spotlight was on a film photography website called Develop & Fix that did a similar interview and spotlight on my photography, which you can check out HERE .

Thanks for reading and checking out these two spotlights.