Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tenkara Guides, Badgers and Bums - Oh My!

I am a fan of the internet and social media and aside from learning new things when I go to events like the workshop that  Tenkara Guides LLC put on recently I get to meet people that I know through these various forums and websites.  This particular particular workshop was really like a "Who's Who in Tenkara Fishing in The USA" because there were a lot of influential and well known tenkara anglers that I know had only known through various websites until this workshop.

First up, the Tenkara Badger himself, all the way Wisconsin, he has some great rods that I hope to cast here before the summer is out.   He caught a great brown trout a few moments later, I might add!

Then there was Tom from Teton Tenkara, who is a very knowledgeable tenkara angler whose blog I checkout often.

I also met again DragonTail Tenkara as he was fishing this great spot.  Make sure and check him out, he has a great selection of tenkara rods, one of which the ShadowFire, I demoed earlier this year and it's a great rod.

I met some new tenkara bums at the workshop, as they fished both days, on this lovely stream in eastern Utah..

And on the Middle Provo.. 

Over the past few years there have been tenkara gatherings started across the globe and the United States, such as the Appalachian  Tenkara Jam, held in Maryland.  There is also the Midwest Tenkara Fest held in Wisconsin.  Of course there's the one that started it all, Tenkara USA's Tenkara Summit, that has been held in a few different locations including Utah in 2012.  
As things in my life change, I intend to get to these events and photograph them too and do a book about Tenkara in the USA.


Friday, July 3, 2015

Tenkara No Oni

I recently  had the pleasure of being able to be a part of a unique fishing workshop put on by Tenkara Guides LLC, where they brought Master angler, Masami “Tenkara No Oni” Sakakibara from Japan for three days; it was a wonderful workshop that offered many great photographic opportunities.  

Watching "No Oni" as he works a stretch of river, casting and scrambling in and out of the water was amazing to say the least, his cast is beautiful too.  I hope that when I am his age, I am agile as he is.

Tenkara No Oni in action in the water

And out of the water..

While I wasn't participating in the workshop, I learned a few things by watching Tenkara Oni, that I will take with me the next time I go fishing. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to have been at this workshop with my cameras, from what I could tell from my own observations and talking with the participants the workshop was a success.  
A big thanks to Tenkara Guides LLC, for letting me tag along and be their "unofficial photographer" and thank you as well Tenkara No Oni, for letting me photograph you..    


Sunday, June 28, 2015

More color

I don't shoot a lot of color, so I thought I'd post this photograph, from the Tenkara Guides LLC workshop on its own, because the rest will be in black and white.

I don't always know what I will post here, most of the time the photographs I post here are the ones that I truly feel are the strongest photographs from a particular roll or batch of rolls; other times the photographs I post here are the ones that I get the most comments or "Favorites" or views from my Flickr stream.  
At this time, this photograph has been viewed 191 times and has been marked as a "Favorite" by five of my "Followers" on Flickr, which is a lot more than any of the others I have recently posted.

That being said, and because I haven't had a lot of photographic opportunities so far this year and because all of the other photographs I plan on posting about the workshop are all in black and white, I thought I'd post this one.  

I have three more rolls that I need to have processed before I can make my post about the workshop, that will have to wait a few weeks.  If anyone out there would be interested in being a patron,  please contact me!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Oncorhynchus clarki utah

I don't shoot a lot of color film, , it's mostly a choice of liking black and white better and for the most part black and white conveys the timelessness and dreamy qualities that I am going for much better.

That being said, I like shooting color film, Fujichrome Velvia 100 in this case, especially when it comes to photographs of fish, like this Bonneville Cutthroat for example.

I have caught a few Bonneville Cutties in my time, but none as beautiful as this one, which was on a tiny tributary in eastern Utah, during a tenkara workshop put on by Tenkara Guides LLC.

I have more from the two days I was there at the unique and amazing workshop they put on, but I love this photograph so much and it's different from what I normally shoot, that I thought I'd put this one out now..

Fish on!


Monday, March 2, 2015

The Bridge

Bridges serve many purposes, from their intended purpose of crossing a body of water or a great span between two geographical features, as well as serving as a landmark.  If you are into fishing, they are especially great to fish near as well, which is what I did for the first time by this bridge.

You may recognize bridge and may have even fished there, but I enjoyed fishing there with one of my Army buddies..