Thursday, April 14, 2011

Salmo Trutta...

I have known for a while that in order for this project to be successful I need to have some photographs of and with fish in them, but it's challenging sometimes to put my fly rod down and just be there as a photographer.
So on my last outing, I really made an effort to do that and was able to come away with a photograph of a nice MP brown trout that my buddy James had landed.

I have some macro photographs of some flies on this roll that I will post shortly. I hope you like this photograph there will be more photographs of and with fish to come.


Pat said...

I can sympathize with setting aside the rod to focus on photos... Nice shot.

The Sowbug said...

Sure the money shot is nice and for most a prerequisite to defend a great tale. Personally it only tells a small part of the story about fly fishing and you and your holgas are pretty good story tellers.