Friday, May 20, 2011

Living with if for a while...

I don't know what your editing process is, but when I look at a newly processed roll of film, I go with my gut, I look at the roll and I can quickly pick out the negatives I am going to print. There are usually others though that stick in my head after that initial look that I will have to live with for a while before I do anything with it.
This photograph was one of those negatives, if you look at the previous post (Salmo Trutta), that was the  negative I picked upon my initial look, and was the one I picked when I looked at the roll again, but this one, of the same trout has stuck in my head since then.
I am not sure which photograph I like more, or which is the better of the two; judging by the comments I have  received on Flickr on both photographs there is no clear choice.
So what do you think? Was my original choice the better one or was the one that I have been living with all these months the better photograph? Or shall I go out and photograph more fish, this was the first trout I have actually photographed after all. 
Please be specific, and give an honest critique of both photographs.
Thanks as always for reading, I look forward to hearing your thought about the photographs.


Debbi said...

I think I like the other photo (Salmo Trutta) better, because in this photo I am feeling like the fish is trapped. Yes I know its trapped in both, but I don't feel the pain in that photo. I really like both photos, but I like the perspective from the bottom and looking up.

e.m.b. said...

I love this does feel "trapped" but there is something wonderfully haunting about it...this image is the kind that sticks with you...

Wonderful blog and photos! I'll now be following along! :)