Friday, September 23, 2011

Some cross blog love...

I don't know about you, but through the internet I have virtually met a lot of great people, some of which I have met in person and many more I hope to meet in person someday.  One such person is a guy but the name of Cameron Mortenson, who runs a great blog dedicated to fiberglass fly fish rods called "The Fiberglass Manifesto".  Over the past couple of years since we've known each other Cam has written about me and my photography three or four times and wrote about my photography again in his post today.  Because of the exposure I got from Cam, I think it helped me get the write up about my photography in the Winter 2011 issue of Fly Rod & Reel. 
The one thing I like most about Cam's blog is that while it is about fly fishing and fiberglass rods, he does a great job at encompassing every aspect of fly fishing from art, to kids (he co runs another fly fishing site, called, and fly tying to name a few of the many things that involve fly fishing and fiberglass fly rods. 
As a way to get the word out about his blog, he sells stickers and t shirts with the Fiberglass Manifesto logo on them.  From there he holds a monthly TFM Spotting contest, where each of the monthly winners are eligible for the big contest at the end of the year, for a fiberglass rod.  I have entered once, with a Holga self portrait, but I didn't get enough votes.
Whether you fish or not, check out "The Fiberglass Manifesto".
Thanks again for the love Cam!

Since this was first posted I have found out that This Is Fly, an online fly fishing magazine has picked up Cam's post and posted about my photograph in its daily blog. Check it out HERE.

EDIT,EDIT: 25 September 2011
I have also found out that, another fly fishing blog/website has mentioned me in their "Tippets" section.. Check it out HERE.

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