Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pretty Fly...

You know it was a great year, when you can begin the year with some coverage about your photography and end it with some too.  As you may recall, in the Winter 2011 issue of Fly Rod & Reel, so I am delighted to let you know that my photography is featured in Issue number 32, the December 2011/January 2012 of "This is Fly".
"This is Fly" is a great online magazine, that's been a round for a few years now, that I feel is an innovative magazine especially for a fly fishing one.  They use a lot of different typography and layouts and they do stories and feature things that aren't about fly fishing at all, as is the case of the  non photographic artists that they feature in every issue.  I am pleased with the layout and treatment of my photographs, other than my blogsite and my Flickr stream, I'd say this is the largest single grouping of my photographs with 20 photographs shown out of the 24 that I submitted. So check it out HERE, then go to the table of contents page and click on the line that says "Featured Photographer" Brian Schiele." Then go back and check out the rest of magazine!

Thanks to everyone I have fished with and photographed!


Bryan Rees said...

Congrats Brian! I loved seeing all of the Utah fishing spots. My wife and I moved to Park City in January and I've had a pretty awesome time getting know all of these local spots. Let's hook up on the Middle sometime! ;)

To the Backing

Carol Mikkelson said...

Very cool! I love seeing Holga work published in magazines/articles that are NOT dedicated to publishing only toy camera work. I am inspired to try get some of my own Holga work published in cycling magazines.
BTW thanks for the comment on my blog and thanks for having my blog listed on your blogroll. I will put your blog on my blogroll just as soon as I figure it out (again.)
I too enjoy seeing some of the locations you photograph in Utah. I went to school at the Univ. of Utah and graduated from Utah State.

Brian J. said...

Congrats! The two page holgarama of the provo is especially sweet-- great work.