Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fishing buddies - Part I of...

I enjoy fishing by myself on occasion, but fishing with someone is really all that much more enjoyable, and while there are several people that I know that I would really love to fish with and get to know, there are only a small number of people I am able get out with and fish.  One of my fishing buddies is my friend James.
I have known James for about six years or so, and have fished with him for about  three or four of years of those years.  He's a pretty good angler I'd say, he usually catches at least one where I am not catching any fish at all.  I have photographed him a lot during the time we've fished, but I'd thought I'd post these two pics of him from one of our recent outings.
Both of these photographs are of him changing his fly, as he put it, "I was catching so many fish that day, I wore my fly out!"
I enjoy fishing with James, he's a good man all around and we have a lot in common despite our different backgrounds.  
So here's to you my friend, a BIG HOO AHH  for all you do for this great country of ours so that we and others can fish whenever we want to and can and here's to many more adventures on the river..


Anonymous said...

Great shots. Love your photos.

cofisher said...

Nice post...fishing buddies are the best.