Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tenkara Summit 2012 Day II

Day two of the Tenkara Summit 2012, was more visually interesting   to me, because it involved fishing and demonstrations on the Provo River, everywhere you looked you could see anglers casting their tenkara rods, it was a beautiful site to see.  One of my favorite moments and photographs was watching one of the other speakers from Japan cast into this riffle.

Another favorite photograph of mine...

I wish I knew or remember the names of the people I was photographing.  Despite my college background in journalism, I just get wrapped up into making photographs that I usually forget to ask for names..

 That being said, this is John, from Tenkara Guides LLC, who were Sponsors of the summit showing us how it's done.
I can't say enough about how much I appreciate all that went into bringing the Tenkara 2012 Summit to my home, it was a unique experience to meet other like minded anglers. I hope that it happens again next year, and it comes back to Utah again  too.

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cofisher said...

Good job Brian. The photographs are like bits of time frozen for posterity.