Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fishing buddies - Part II of...

I recently had the pleasure of fishing with another Army buddy of mine, someone I haven't fished in quite a few years; he's the one fishing buddy I have that I would call my fishing mentor, assuming he lived a lot closer and we could fish together more than once every few years together. I was really hoping to show him all that I have learned over the past few years that it's been since we fished together too, but unfortunately that didn't happen, but that's OK we got to spend a lot of time together and got the chance to catch up and talk about the brief time that we actually worked together, those that we worked with and life. 

My buddy Rick is a little old school when it comes to fly fishing, which in the case of fly fishing isn't a bad thing and he catches fish in conditions where others don't. 
      When we first while we were mobilized on active duty together about, which was when my interest in fly was just beginning.  I had just bought my first fly rod off of Ebay and I would bring it to work to practice casting during my lunch and Rick would come out and give me pointers on how to cast.  We later which fishing for my first time and I eventually caught my first fish. 

It was great fishing with him, because it was also my birthday on the particular weekend we fished together, he even stayed in my home with my family. 

Is there a particular fishing buddy that you have that you haven't fished with or at least heard from in a while? What are you waiting for, call him or her and go fishing!
Thanks again Rick!


Dwayne said...

Very cool, Brian...lovin' it.

Brian L. Schiele said...

Thanks Guys!

howard Levett said...

I believe that even if you usually fish alone (and enjoy it)that there is nothing finer than sharing the water with an old friend. Thanks Brian!

Carol Mikkelson said...

The story and subject matter really adds depth to your on-going series. Very nice!