Friday, February 15, 2013

The Book, an update...

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a month since I have posted anything on the book, but I am still working on it and have made some great progress and have formulated a plan for its release.
The layout of it is complete, and I have been able to convince someone who is familiar with my photography and who has done so before, to write an introduction for me. (THANK YOU mystery writer!)
You'll have to wait and see who that will be.
My plan is to release it on June first, as a way of kicking off the 10 year anniversary of and will have a give away for a signed copy of it, so be ready for that. 
I am working towards having three editions that will be at different price points. The first version, will be a large format hardcover, which measures 13"x11", the second will be a smaller version of first measuring 10"x8" and the last will be a softcover version of the smaller hardcover.  While I don't know the exact prices on the finished books, Blurb is telling me to that I can expect them to run $62 to $24, which is based on type of book, and number of pages. I am trying to keep it to 40 pages, which will be about 32 photographs, which means I could very well do another book, and probably will at some point.
I will leave you with this, a screenshot of the entire dustcover from the hardcover edition.
What do  you think?


Megan said...

Good going, it's quite a process, isn't it? Can't wait to see the final results. Having several price points is a good idea.

cofisher said...

Boy, I'm excited Brian and I can't wait. I'd have been more than happy to write an introduction for you. I can lie as good as anyone.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I better get geared up for that give away come June. Congratulations on your upcoming ten year celebration.

Brian L. Schiele said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.
I don't have the actual introduction just yet Howard, but I can promise you that you will like it.
And unless I get more comments than I normally do Mel, you may have a great chance of winning!