Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Unless you've followed my photography for more than the past five years or so, you'd probably think that I only shoot black and film.  If I could estimate the ratio of the number of rolls of black and white film I have shot  versus the number of rolls of color film I have shot over the course of my nearly 29 year photographic experience, I'd probably put it right around 50/50.  I have even shot some fishing stuff in color, it's just that the black and white seemed to be more successful.
On a recent occasion where my family and I took a little road trip I took at least three Holga cameras, the one that I actually used was trusty my red Holga, that I run color slide film in, Fujichrome 100 Velvia  to be precise. It's a great film that works very well in a Holga. 

I have made a few photographs like this one in the past, but I think this one is the most successful because of the warm light and the texture on the bottom of the pool.

I don't usually post photographs of my daughter, but this one is so cute I thought I'd post it, which was from the same roll of Velvia.

Next post will be more fishing!

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gregory urbano said...

the holga really gives those shots some attitude!