Friday, December 13, 2013

Published again

Back in August I was asked to do some photography for a local tenkara fly fishing guide company, Tenkara Guides LLC, for a story about them that would eventually be published in  a magazine that is being billed as, "the first print publication dedicated to tenkara in the world". I am pleased, honored and delighted to say that the magazine is finally published and I have four photographs that accompany the article written by John one of their guides and partners.
The magazine is published by Tenkara USA, and can be purchased HERE.
It's 112 pages and has articles, essays and interviews written by tenkara enthusiasts from around the world, many of which  I know personally or through Facebook and other websites.
I thought I'd post one of the four photographs from the article, as sort of a teaser, to see the others you'll have to buy the magazine...

This and  two of the other photographs in the article were shot using my 6x12 Holga Pan.



Dwayne said...

Very good work.

John @ Tenkara Guides LLC said...

Thanks for your help with the article Brian. The photos really helped to tell the story.


Brian L. Schiele said...

Thanks Dwayne! Thanks for thinking of me for the article John. I'd love to do it again!