Friday, July 3, 2015

Tenkara No Oni

I recently  had the pleasure of being able to be a part of a unique fishing workshop put on by Tenkara Guides LLC, where they brought Master angler, Masami “Tenkara No Oni” Sakakibara from Japan for three days; it was a wonderful workshop that offered many great photographic opportunities.  

Watching "No Oni" as he works a stretch of river, casting and scrambling in and out of the water was amazing to say the least, his cast is beautiful too.  I hope that when I am his age, I am agile as he is.

Tenkara No Oni in action in the water

And out of the water..

While I wasn't participating in the workshop, I learned a few things by watching Tenkara Oni, that I will take with me the next time I go fishing. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to have been at this workshop with my cameras, from what I could tell from my own observations and talking with the participants the workshop was a success.  
A big thanks to Tenkara Guides LLC, for letting me tag along and be their "unofficial photographer" and thank you as well Tenkara No Oni, for letting me photograph you..    



cofisher said...

Love it Brian. Black and white all the way.

Brian L. Schiele said...

Thanks Howard for commenting Howard!

Michael Agneta said...

Great post Brian...I shared it in several places. Love your photography, waiting for another book!