Thursday, June 16, 2016

Photographs and Words by...

It is always a treat to have your photography published in a magazine, and I have been treated many times over the years, starting in my university's student news paper, a few local magazines, zines, and countless online blogs and magazines.

Until today, I'd say the thing I am most proud of when it comes to my photography was the article written about me and my photography in Winter 2011 issue of Fly Rod & Reel, I will always be indebted to its author, Bob White (Thanks again Bob!).

Today though, I have a new achievement to share, not only does it involve having some photographs in what I think is the most creative fly  fishing magazine out there, The Flyfish Journal, it also involves an essay that I wrote that accompanies the two photographs.  The essay is basically about my fly fishing experience, that began while I was on active duty with the Army and touches upon an issue that is near and dear to me, Veteran suicide.

A big shout out to the other writers, photographers, artists and the people that put that put the magazine together, especially the ones I know.  Keep up the great work!  

So go and buy a copy, preferably at a local fly fishing shop, my essay is in volume seven, issue four and then reach out to a Veteran you may know and take him or her fishing.

My essay is called, "Take a Veteran Fishing" and is on page 108.   This is just the cover, and not my photograph, the cover photograph belongs to Tosh Brown, who is an excellent photographer.  





Dana Graham said...


Unknown said...

Is this the new one out now or coming attractions

Brian L. Schiele said...

This is the new one, I don't think it is out yet, but it should be very soon.

Unknown said...

Great news. Good to know your work and writing is also raising awareness for significant causes that the public needs to hear about!

Jason said...

Way-to-go :-)