Monday, November 12, 2018

Fly FIshing, The Wind River Range

Every now and again, I am randomly contacted or by someone I know to either publish a photograph or two or to work on a project together, which is what happened a few years ago from my friend Chadd Vanzanten. Like  most of the projects I am contacted about, Chadd and I began talking about this long before bags (or shall I say backpacks) were packed, plans made, film was purchased, etc for a backpack trip that occurred in July of 2016.

But now, I am happy to announce that the book, On Fly Fishing, The Wind River Range, Essays and What not to Bring, is now available! 

I have seven photographs in the  book that accompany a couple of the essays that Chadd wrote that came from our backpacking and fishing trip that we made in July 2016.  

For your viewing pleasure I am posting two photographs from that trip, one that will be in the book and one that won't be.  

This was on the hike out to our base camp and was at a point that was around 10,800'.

The view at our base camp.

To see more and to find out which of these two photographs were in the book go and buy it.  Chadd's essays are great to read and there are several other photographs that his son did too.


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