Thursday, June 1, 2023

20 Year Anniverrary Giveaway

June, June 21, 2023 to be more precise marks the 20th anniversary of, and if you don't believe me or if you want to take a look at what 20 years of my website looks like, check out the "Way Back Machine".

It's been an interesting ride this past 20 years, my site has evolved and de-evolved , from a really basic website that I built using basic web based tools that were hosted by the various internet service providers I have had over the years, to a full on website that I created using professional tools like "Dreamweaver" and were hosted by companies that do that sort of thing, to what it is now, what I call a "blogsite" hosted by (Google) where I have the blogspot URL pointed at  

If you have been following my photography for more than 10 years, you may recall that at that time I was doing a book of my fly fishing photography and to celebrate that and the 10th anniversary of my site, I gave away a copy of the book.

So for the 20th anniversary celebration of my site, I thought I'd do another giveaway and give away not one, but two of my photographs, one fly fishing one and motorcycle one. 

The motorcycle print is one of my favorites of two Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe motorcycles that unbeknownst to me is a bit of a self portrait too.  Can you see me?  I have titled it "Too Deluxe" and is 11"x14". 


The fishing photograph was in my book and a favorite from that period, I titled it "Rod Holder" and is 8"x10".

Both prints were printed by me in the darkroom, on light sensitive, silver gelatin, photographic paper, in other words these are not digital prints.   

So here are the rules:
Make a comment (one comment per person) in the comments section below, let me know which photograph you are interested in, how long you have been following my photography, where you saw the post, or anything else you'd like to say about my photography (be constructive at the least, supportive at the most, flattery is great even, but won't get you anymore but one entry!).
If you comment using the Anonymous,Open ID or Name/URL options, please leave a name and email so I know who you are are and how to contact you. 
Due to shipping costs, I have to limit this giveaway to readers in the United States of America only. 
The giveaway begins on the date of the post and ends on June 21, 2023 at 2359 HRS Mountain Time.  
I will select two winners using the random number generator on, based upon the number of people that enter, and announce it with another post shortly afterwards. 
All decisions are final and made by me.  

Feel free to  share this post if you like, and please do, but the only way to enter this giveaway is to comment on this post.

Thanks for reading this and if you have followed my photography for any or all of the past 20 years or more, thanks.



Anonymous said...

Dropping by to show some support! We just barely met but we are both riders and picture takers. 👌 This is Christian V (Triump_cv)

Anonymous said...

I've always admired your photos Brian! You take the Holga and let us see the motorcycle and fishing life from your unique perspective.
We met through Holgamods Randy Smith and the community of Holgas and toy cameras. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing and your friendship, Nancy Smith.

Gayle said...

Love your work, I met you through Wakely and love the print you did for me, amazing work, I saw this on FB, I love the bike picture

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always! I remember back when you did your fishing book. I think I just met you at that time, always will love the red Harleys! Heidi

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos I love your work

Travis Berger said...

Your a talented person. I knew you was a great man the first time I did a pgr ride with you then doing stuff with the ride to zero. good looking picture of the softails

Brian L. Schiele said...

Thanks for entering everyone. Winners have been selected and I will be contacting them.