Friday, November 24, 2023

It was a nice day for a moto wedding day

I was asked a while ago to do some photography for  a motorcycle riding, Army Veteran, Brother and while most of the photographs I made where with a digital camera, I thought I'd bring along my Holgas and see what I could do with them as well.  I am really quite happy with what I got back afterwards, so I thought I'd post the best photographs here.  

The happy couple were married at an American Legion post, but after the ceremony they along with about two dozen motorcycles (including myself), rode to a little chapel near the Utah State Capitol where the resulting photographs were made.  

 I even took my PanHolga and got this photograph with all of the bikes parked in front of the chapel.

Here's to my friends, the happy  couple.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful work appreciative you captured our special day