Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Birthday Project Continues...

I know I haven't posted a new photograph from this project in more than two years, but it doesn't mean that I haven't stopped doing it.
This year marks a special edition of the "Birthday Project", in that this year Mirinda turns 40, so in an addition to the annual photograph I am going to post several of the photographs from previous years.

For her birthday this year, we wanted to have a big party, with cake, drinks, good food, and as many of the wonderful people who have touched our lives and hers. We wanted to have a pirate theme and we also rented a bounce house.
The photograph was taken just after we bounced for the first time that day..

The 39th edition of the project was taken slightly after her actual birthday, a lot closer to mine actually, but here it is...

Over the years I have used many different cameras for this project, from an SLR, to a Holga, to a point and shoot, which has been the main camera I have used for this project, but with this photograph I used the camera on my cell phone. I really like this one, because it was pretty spontaneous, we were waiting for our order to come, and I remember thinking how good the light was there and had to have to make a photograph of her.

If you have been following the "Birthday Project" since its inception, you have seen the following photographs:

@ 38
For my 37th birthday Mirinda wanted to do something special for me, so she colored her hair my favorite color, red.... Thanks SEXY!!

The photograph I did of Mirinda for her 37th birthday is another favorite of mine, largely because where I made it at. Can you guess where we were on her 37th birthday?
It was our first time there, and the first time either one of us had been there in 20 years or so...


I usually make the photograph on or very close to her birthday, either at our home before we go out to dinner or before the party we are having for her that day, which is the case for numbers 36 and 35.



Prior to the 35th edition of the project, I was still experimenting with how to shoot the photographs for the project and what not, so they are all a little different...



You'd think that being a "Holga Master", I'd have more with the Holga, but as it is I just have the one. I remember this one pretty well, it was a Saturday, and we had quite the birthday date. We got all dressed up, Mirinida in the gown she's wearing and me in my "class A" uniform to attend the ballet, her favorite, "Swan Lake", then off to a wonderful dinner, then we finished the day at the military ball, which, I had told her, that it was held on her birthday just for her.


The first installment of this project began with her 31st birthday, but I am unable to find that picture, but I still remember what she looked like then...

Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane, and thank you Mirinda for being my wife, my muse, and for letting me photograph you.

You I love...

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