Friday, July 30, 2010


I can remember having a camera as a younger child, be it one of my own or whatever camera my parents had, I consider my photographic experience beginning on my 14th birthday, when I got my first SLR camera, a Minolta X-570. I got that camera 26 years ago, which if you do the math means I'll be turning 40 on my next birthday, which will be happening in the next few weeks.
So to mark the occasion, I thought I would present a look back on the past 26 years of my photography, which I really can't do in just one post, so I will break it up into four parts, representing the different eras if you will of my photography over the 26 years that have been in my photography thus far.
I have given it a lot of thought how I would go about about this, and I keep coming back to the same four parts: "the early years and college", mountain biking, Holga, and the present.

The early years and college, represent just that, those first years of my photographic experience where not only was I exploring the world around me wit my camera, but I was also exploring my own thoughts and techniques. My college years of course were where I was still exploring, but slightly more mature eye and where I would lay the foundation for things to come in my photography.

Mountain biking was a huge part of my life for a number of years, and because of that it was or natural to turn my lens towards it. It wasn't a big period of time, but photographically it's focus was immense.

My love affair with the Holga is the biggest part of my photography, one that has lasted for more than 16 years so far.
With that, I hope you'll join me on this look back on the past 26 years of my photographic experience.

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