Saturday, July 24, 2010

The last roll of Kodachrome..

On NPR today they did a story about photojournalist Steve McCurry, a photographer you probably don't know, but one whose photography you likely do know. Of all the etimated35 million photographs that Steve McCurry has made over his 35 year career, the one you likely know of the most is the one that appeared on the cover of the June 1985 National Geographic, the one known as "Afghan Girl". You may not recall it as well as I can, but I know you know it.

Getting back to the NPR story, which you can see here, because "Afghan Girl" is such an iconic photograph, and because it was shot on Kodachrome film and because Kodak is no longer producing it, Kodak decided to give Steve McCurry the last rolls Kodachrome, which I must say I in aww of, I mean he is shooting the last rolls of Kodachrome after all..
I have never shot Kodachrome in my entire photographic experience, but I more than understand Kodachrome's place in photographic history.
According to the interview, the photographs that Steve McCurry shot will be appearing in National Geographic sometime next year, which will be a good thing, because the last lab in the world, Dwayne’s Photo, in Parsons, Kansas will no longer be running a K-14 line after December 30th of this year.

So here's to Kodachrome, to Steve McCurry and Dwayne's Photo for bringing us the last photographs from a film that digital technology will never be able to match...

Cue Paul Simon's "Kodachrome", "momma don't taaake my Kodachrome awaay....."

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