Monday, March 2, 2015

The Bridge

Bridges serve many purposes, from their intended purpose of crossing a body of water or a great span between two geographical features, as well as serving as a landmark.  If you are into fishing, they are especially great to fish near as well, which is what I did for the first time by this bridge.

You may recognize bridge and may have even fished there, but I enjoyed fishing there with one of my Army buddies..



cofisher said...

Although I complain (to myself of course) that Brian doesn't post often enough, I'm always delighted when you post something like this. Thanks buddy.

Brian L. Schiele said...

Thanks Howard!

cofisher said...

Brian, as you know, there's some excellent photographers out there. We see them every day on Facebook, etc. But honestly, how may times can you see fish after fish without getting a little jaded. Your photography is much more artistic and creative. Your photograph that I have sits squarely in front of me, eye level. I never don't see it because it speaks to me.